First up, let me apologise for not posting for a little while – a slight technical hitch arose! Anyhow, getting down to business let me first tell you a very exciting development has arisen in the baking department – should you be feeling like an autumnal edge to your cookies just follow the tip below:

Look up my ‘rose-tinted spectacles’ recipie and replace the rose water with orange extract, then add 1 1/2 tsps of ground ginger and I promise you the results are worth it!

Halloween’s approaching – I’m not the world’s biggest celebrant of this festival I must admit, a phobia of masks and clowns means that I’m generally pretty scared of any trick or treaters that happen along! However I do love a pumpkin lantern and a gothic outfit.

Click to open the door on the latest treasury from Ginger Tea – in response to a dare.

And the item that inspired the treasury?

This fabulous seasonal necklace from stuhls.

Happy witching hour!

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Treasury lovin’ fools

Over on Etsy I belong to a few teams and as such I thought I’d share with you a few of my favourite things from Treasury lovin’ fools members.

Here’s a typically beautiful piece from Kandy Disenos – click on the picture and it’ll take you through to her shop.


And this from Delphinine will go just perfectly with my Rose and Raspberry cake – it’s vintage waterford you know!




In other news The Bag Lady will be running a workshop – how to make her felt bags – on the 16th October at Wye Needlecraft in Bakewell (www.wye.co.uk) – free pattern and tuition, you just buy the wool!


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Ginger Tea

She’s been at it again – click on the photo below and see the latest additions to gingerteaphotography



p.s why not check out new blog www.who-is-the-fairest.com


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Cake Love

This card won’t be going on sale – it was made specially for a friend of mine but  I thought the sentiment said it all quite frankly!

Hopefully I’ll be uploading some photos by Ginger Tea today – provided I manage to find my magic stick that lets me transfer photos!  These are taken in the sunshine of last week and include one very posey hen and some belligerent sheep!

Fingers crossed and remember…

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Here’s a new feature from me – every week the treasury lovin’ fools team on Etsy feature a shop – this week it’s sintwister a fabulous photographer based in Georgia (America)


Here’s a little preview of her work:

If you click on the pictures they’ll take you through to two treasuries inspired by her work, the link above takes you straight through to her shop.

My favourite thing about her pictures is the nostalgic, vintage feel to many of the photos also her great eye for colour and beautiful black and white shots.

Want to know more about the inspiration behind sintwister’s art?

Click the link below to read an interview with her.



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Rose tinted spectacles

‘Rose tinted spectacles cookies’

This recipie is a variation on Dream cookies, a recipie I found in an old WI cookery book. Perfect for when you’re feeling a little blue and need comfort food!

5oz plain flour                                                                                                    

4oz soft unsalted butter

3oz caster sugar

1/2tsp baking powder

1-2 drops of rosewater

Preheat oven to Gas Mark 4/180c/350f

  • Cream the butter and sugar (I do all of this in the food processor).
  • Mix the flour and baking powder and add to the butter and sugar and blend.
  • Add the rosewater – blend  – it should form a dough.
  • Roll the dough into small balls (I usually make 12) and place on a greased baking tray
  • Cook for 15 – 20mins or until they are pale golden
  • Serve with a pot of tea, pyjamas and a boxset of Friends – you’ll be feeling better in no time!

And to get you feeling rosy here’s a fabulous treasury from Vintage by Rachel

http://www.etsy.com/treasury/MTYwNTg4Mzh8ODE1MDYzMTIy/the-little-girl-in-the-roses-garden featuring ‘Love me do’ by Ginger Tea

With gems like these beautiful stud earrings it’s the perfect place to find unique, romantic jewelry.



Also in treasury news today and still on an edible theme – check out Mint Julep by Buns and Balls

featuring this wonderful piece by vclinde it should put a spring in your step!

Click to see the full treasury











Also try Coco by Ginger Tea – inspired by Chanel and the necklace shown below by Miss Rosy – click on the picture to see the rest of the treasury.

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New stock

Both Buns and Balls and Ginger Tea have been busy this weekend and we have some fabulous new additions to share with you:

First up – Ginger Tea and a series of roses –

Pictured here is Midnight Rose, click on the image and it’ll take you through to the shop where you can find – ‘Love me do’, ‘Vintage Romance’ and Rose.

Look out for ‘Love me do’ appearing in the Treasury Lovin’ Fools I dare you #8 – Treasuries inspired by the item – and the winning treasury that led to this?


Inspired by this beautiful piece from Halle’s House:

Click through to find more beautiful vintage finds.






Now – onto Buns and balls – we have a new range of cards, hand embroidered by Frippery these cards are a unique work of art for only $5.00 (that’s about £3.25)!

‘Love you’ is pictured – we also have ‘You are my sunshine’ and ‘For you’

Coming soon…

‘There’s nothing like a dame’, ‘Let it snow’ and we’re looking for requests – Is there anything you’d like to see in card/embroidered form? Can’t promise but we’ll give it a go!

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