New stock

Both Buns and Balls and Ginger Tea have been busy this weekend and we have some fabulous new additions to share with you:

First up – Ginger Tea and a series of roses –

Pictured here is Midnight Rose, click on the image and it’ll take you through to the shop where you can find – ‘Love me do’, ‘Vintage Romance’ and Rose.

Look out for ‘Love me do’ appearing in the Treasury Lovin’ Fools I dare you #8 – Treasuries inspired by the item – and the winning treasury that led to this?

Inspired by this beautiful piece from Halle’s House:

Click through to find more beautiful vintage finds.






Now – onto Buns and balls – we have a new range of cards, hand embroidered by Frippery these cards are a unique work of art for only $5.00 (that’s about £3.25)!

‘Love you’ is pictured – we also have ‘You are my sunshine’ and ‘For you’

Coming soon…

‘There’s nothing like a dame’, ‘Let it snow’ and we’re looking for requests – Is there anything you’d like to see in card/embroidered form? Can’t promise but we’ll give it a go!


About gingertea13

After a few too many glasses of Pimms in the sunshine I decided to quit my job as a coporate white witch and create...four weeks later Buns and Balls was born! Follow my progress as I try combine craft, cake and cocktails and create my dream business - it's make do and mend the northern way!
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