New item, New shop, same blog!

Apologies if I’m repeating myself with this post – I’m suffering a slight memory block whilst I write!

Here we have the newest addition to Buns and Balls.  A Frippery creation, it’s handknitted copper wire (the very same wire I was moaning about a few days ago) and in keeping with the ideals of Frippery the beads come from old necklaces.  With silk ribbon included it’s a little bit of luxury for around about £8 ($12.80)!

And now, ladies and gentlemen, e have our big news of the week….

Ginger Tea, our faithful photographer, has branched out into a seperate Etsy shop! Still part of the Buns and Balls collective but on a seperate wavelength (very fitting as she’s on a different planet most of the time!).  Have a look at her work:

Just to give you a taste…

Berry Nice, Downloadable photograph


Winter, downloadable photograph, dual pack



About gingertea13

After a few too many glasses of Pimms in the sunshine I decided to quit my job as a coporate white witch and create...four weeks later Buns and Balls was born! Follow my progress as I try combine craft, cake and cocktails and create my dream business - it's make do and mend the northern way!
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